No matter how injured you are, you can ALWAYS find a pole move to suit!!!
Me x



Hi you guys!  I just wanted to make a really short post to let you know that I haven't forgotten you all!  I've been away on workshops for my Exercise to Music course so have been really busy studying etc. 

Please keep your eyes on the blog and on my Facebook - there are some awesome developments in the works and I'm really excited about them - can't wait to share with you!!!

Take care and happy pole-ing in the meantime.



I made a joke a few weeks ago about the way to my heart being through my stomach....and bless her cotton socks, Kayleigh from our Witney classes showed up to class 2 weeks ago with this beauty!!  She even knows me SO well that she brought a knife so that I could dig in immediately!  FYI, it was an AMAZING cake - thank you Kayleigh, so much!! xxx



For those of you who weren't able to make it on Sunday, I thought I'd pop a few pictures on here so you can see what we were up to! 

Karen is an incredible pole athlete, and - dare I say it - an even better teacher.  All of us had an amazing hour with her, and I hope everyone learnt alot!  I certainly learnt the pain of the pole burn all over again!! 

We started the day being warmed up and prepared ready for Karen's wisdom, and she started us off with some nice dips and spins round the pole, warming up our shoulders and legs.  For those who aren't familiar with her work, Karen's style is really gymnastic, and she works alot with her feet (think chinese pole climbing).  So, we had our first introduction to 'foot climbing'.  As ever, it is a LOT more difficult than the wonderful Karen makes it look! 

We moved flawlessly onto some much harder moves, including the Flying K - one that I unfortunately didn't master on the day (but will be practising practising practising!!!) but that looks incredible!  I was so proud of and impressed by my girls, they picked things up SO quickly and were so graceful and beautiful - you guys ROCK!!!!!

I'm hoping to show lots of the moves Karen taught in your lessons over the next few week.  If anyone wants to see more pictures, just let me know!

My sincere thanks to Sharon and Simon for helping to fund this incredible day.  We are hoping that many more will follow after Christmas, so definitely be ready!!!



To all the fantastic PFA pole ladies….I have some amazing news. …….

Go to your computer right now, and Google ‘Karen Chaundy’. Check out Youtube, her Facebook page, the Bodybarre website, anything you can find. Then dash back to this email.

Because, believe it or not, The Pole Fitness Academy are offering 12 of you the chance of a lifetime. For the BARGAIN price of £35, you can spend an hour with the amazing talent that is Karen Chaundy.

Here’s the blurb on Karen from her website:

Karen Chaundy is the founder and inspiration behind Body Barre. She has immersed herself in the world of fitness and dance all her life starting with gymnastics at 2 years old. Karen continued with gymnastics; training in Bulgaria and competing at regional squad level before becoming a club coach and chief choreographer by the age of 21. She also trained in martial arts and studied dance; performing at charity events as well as choreographing and performing at fashion shows.

A career in professional dance followed and included her greatest highlight of performing as an aerialist and ground based dancer within the Millennium Dome Central Arena Show. Karen has also performed at a Bollywood awards ceremony and as a burlesque dancer on the ITV's drama series ‘The Royal’. More recent work includes choreographing and performing burlesque shows & 80's cabaret.

Karen has continued her knowledge within the fitness industry and formalized this with qualifications with REPS and YMCA gym instructor level 2. She has been selected and qualified to teach New York City Ballet Workout as well as Nike Rockstar Workouts; involvement in these different dance styles has inspired her and continue to feed her creativity.

The workshop will run on Sunday 26th September from 12:30pm – 1:30pm and we only have spaces for 12 lucky Ladies. As above tickets are £35 per person.

Places will go like FIRE for this workshop, and rightly so, and your place can ONLY be secured with full payment. Please call me or text on 07899 722031 or email me at lucycropper@aol.com to secure your place on what will be an amazing hour of pole-foolery! 



Hi ladies - I know it's taken me a little longer than I wanted, but the CIARA dance routine (mostly used for Level 1 assessment dances) is now online.

It's not fantastic quality but I'm hoping it's enough to be helpful. I've talked you through each part of the beginning of the dance as I do in class, and then the rest of the dance is yours to complete. If you feel more comfortable, you can always repeat the moves I have given you again (if you're not feeling confident about choreographing for yourself) - or you can work in pairs or teams to make up dances.

As always, if there's any feedback at all you know it's more than welcome. I will try to record a better quality version at some point for you.

If you are one of the ladies working on the RIHANNA routine, Jemma and Angela will be posting a version of this online asap - hopefully this evening or tomorrow, so keep checking back.

The videos are available on my Facebook page (search 'Lucy Cropper PoleFitnessAcademy') or at our YouTube channel - www.youtube.com/polefitnessacademy.

Happy dancing!!

L x


Get ready to DANCE!!!!

Hi ladies!

Just a very brief reminder that lots of you have your assessments this week…eek!!

Having seen lots of you practising recently, I have no doubts at all that you are going to be amazing – now all YOU have to do is BELIEVE IT!!

We will be doing shortened warm ups during these assessment sessions, and please remember that if you’d like copies of your dances once I have finished reviewing them, please bring me a blank CD and I will make copies for you. I can no longer upload videos by email or internet, sorry 

Don’t forget to use whatever tools will give you more confidence, whether that be extra make-up, a special outfit, heels, or just an extra dose of self confidence. And don’t forget to bring your music!

Wishing you the very best of luck (which you don’t need!) and really looking forward to seeing you all ‘perform’ this week. Don’t forget, any questions or anxieties, just get in touch! We’ve all been there and most of us still get as nervous as we did on the day of our first dance!

Lots of pole love

L x