Week 6 update

I can't believe how time flies! Seems like it's been way too long since I've updated!
Last Thursday's lesson was amazing. It was my first lesson teaching totally unsupervised, and I enjoyed it so much. My girls did their first proper 'dance', and they were all totally awesome. They were brave, confident, sexy, and really managed to put together moves and dancing - and they ALL lasted 3 minutes! When I first started dancing I could barely get through half a song without being totally and utterly exhausted!

Sunday's lesson was brilliant, I practised my Backdrop with Tori's help. Then my Pole2Pole magazine arrived yesterday, so I have been reading up and deciding if I can warrant a trip to Jamaica next year for the World Pole Championships... :)

Training tonight, and once again we are struggling with venue issues. I think it's high time one of us married someone really rich so we could finance our own studio!!

Pole-a-thon Update: So far we have had £245 pledged via the website (www.justgiving.com/danceinspires) and I will be harassing family and friends with a paper sponsor form asap LOL!

Until next time.....happy dancing ladies!!!


A not so good Scorpio

So, my training is going brilliantly. I love love love teaching, and the team at Dance Inspires already feels like my second family. Training nights are really hard work and a real commitment, but it’s a total de-stress for me, physically and mentally.

My back is starting to improve so I participated in the whole class last night. We went through all the beginner moves, breaking them down, and learning teaching techniques. Then, 5 minutes before the end we had a lightning speed play. I am working on the Scorpio which, as you’ll see, is good-ish but not quite there yet! I have to have that one nailed by the time the Pole-a-thon is here…that one and many others!!!

And here's my lovely Tori doing a VERY impressive Dolphin! You go girl!

Talking of the Pole-a-thon, plans seem to be coming along nicely…Thirst Lodge are brilliantly being the venue, which we’re so excited about as it’s so classy and sophisticated and has a GREAT vibe, and there are lots of other things in the works that I really hope will come through. It’s going to be a brilliant day. Remember you can donate money at www.justgiving.com/danceinspires - it’s all for Against Breast Cancer which is a local charity, so really, a tiny £5 wouldn’t hurt would it, and we would be SO grateful!!! Thank you :)


Week 2 update

It’s my second night of teaching tonight, and I have a strange suspicion that I could be teaching the warm-up….in our 3 hour teacher-training session on Tuesday night we each had to ‘take’ the group through the warm-up. Have you ever done 4 warm-up sessions one after the other? I know it sounds easy – “aaah, just a warm up, few nice stretches…” but believe me, after the third set of push-ups and sit-ups you’re just about ready to give up – and that’s before you’ve even set foot on a pole!

We were also shown more advanced upside down moves. Jeepers. I thought I was pretty impressive having got the hang of the basic upside down (just getting up there was hard enough) but now….now I’m a little scared! Scared, but so determined it’s almost laughable. Tori has blisters on her hands and feet from practising so hard and has now been banned from Tuesday night practice! Now that’s dedication for you. I’m trying to follow suit – after some chores and a mammoth food shop last night, I was on the pole at half 9, hanging upside down by my inner thighs and cursing as I whacked my ankle bone on the pole for the second time.

But when you get it right…and you KNOW it’s right…there’s no better feeling. Worth the bruises? Hell yeah.