Ladies, please let me introduce to you 'Munchkin' - our very first Inspirations pole baby!!!

I'd like to pass on our congratulations to Mr and Mrs Hall (or 'Fattie', as I have most affectionately nicknamed Laura) and I for one can't wait for the arrival of this little one :) 



Hey guys - just a couple more pictures for you....so you can see what the girls are up to.  Wednesday classes have just started entering into the world of the Scorpio and Cross Knee Release....check out how well they're doing!  Pictures are of Jemma, Susie and Angela. Well done ladies!  Keep it up!!



I also wanted to show you some of the work my lovely students are doing.... I do have some more pictures to go on from my Wednesday night girls, but need to get them off my iPhone first...will do it asap I promise!!!

Sharon Auckland practising dance routine: (sorry the quality isn't amazing, had to compress the file to get it uploaded to Youtube)

Alex Nye practising the Cross Knee Release:

Practice videos

Hello ladies!!  I've been doing lots of practice lately and thought I'd share the vids with you...some of them are already highlighted on the right here but, would love to hear what you think....
Crying Lightning

Sleep Alone


Felix Cane Workshop

So, as mentioned in my previous post, one of the best and most exciting things I have to update you on is the workshop I recently attended in Bristol with Felix Cane.  You can find out all about Felix on her website http://www.felixpoledancing.com.au/ but her biggest and most well known title is Miss World Pole Dance 2009 - she is SERIOUSLY amazing, and totally my idol.

The workshop was arranged by http://www.polepassion.com/ (thank you ladies!) and was at South Bristol Sports Centre on 6th August.  We were there for two hours and learnt some new moves (The Felix, Pike, Pike Splits, Handspring) and then were lucky enough to watch Felix perform just for us.  Totally amazing, and so so glad I didn't miss it.  If you ever get the chance to get within 500 feet of her, DO IT!!!!!  Pictures attached. 

Catching Up

Okay, so I'm already frustrated.  I just did you a nice long catch up post, and then promptly deleted it by accident.  Donut.  If I had a brain, I'd be dangerous. 

Okay, so what's been going on? Last time I 'blogged', I was training with Dance Inspires, and going through my teacher training. Well, since October 2008, I started teaching my own class at Inspirations Gym in Didcot.  I took part in the Pole-a-thon, which was awesome, and continued my training. 

My day job got worse and worse, and my injuries increased and my migraines got worse...and I was generally pretty miserable.  Then, late in the New Year, Inspirations offered me a full time post at the gym....teaching!!!  Obviously it was an offer I would have been a FOOL not to take.   So since March 2009, I've been full time at the club and LOVING IT.  We now run 8 classes a week, and I have another two instructors working with me (with another currently in training!!).  It's my dream job, and I honestly do love it.

I've also been fortunate enough to do a workshop with Felix Cane, my aboslute idol. I'm going to do a separate post and put some pictures up - it was in August in Bristol, and my thanks go to Pole Passion for organising such an awesome day.  Will never forget it. 

Later!!  xx