Cancelled holidays, merged classes and master classes!

Hello lovely ladies....and apologies for taking SO long to update this blog.  Things have been manic here, with lots of potential new venues to see, dates to confirm and classes to take. 

As most of you will know, I was supposed to be on holiday from 19th April but due to the stoooopid volcano we are now booked for 28th May.  Hopefully it will be a nice change for you to have different instructors covering your classes - I will of course be asking for feedback when I get home (if I go...fingers crossed!!!).

Our lovely instructor Iszy has also left us this month to jet off to Ibiza, where she will today be enjoying her birthday! Happy Birthday Iszy, we all miss you!  Iszy's departure has meant we have merged some classes together and I must say it's been lovely to have some of my 'old' girls back :)  They've all come along so far and it's lovely to see such progression in their dancing - well done ladies, you know who you are.

I'm off to a master class with Sally-Ann Giles with Bella next Sunday so watch this space for photos and hopefully I will be showing you all some new moves soon!! 

Our blog address has also changed - it's now to be found at http://showgirlspoledance.blogspot.com/.  Please visit and make yourself a follower!!

Talk soon.
Lucy x

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