Hey guys - yesterday the wonderful Sian Hudson (an ex-dancer of ours and great photographer) came to the studio and we (gratefully) interrupted our teacher training to have an amazing instructors photo shoot.  Unfortunately some of our instructors weren't available due to the Bank Holiday weekend, but those of us that were there had a fab time - it's actually pretty hard to hold a pole pose for 30 seconds LOL!!  And head shots.....urgh what a nightmare!  The pictures will go on the new website once it goes live, along with a short biography of each instructor....I will let you know when!  

I'd just like to thank Sian from the bottom of my heart and thank all the girls for their commitment and hard work yesterday.  I really hope everyone is happy with their final shots - watch this space!

Thanks again, and Happy Bank Holiday!
L x



Hey guys - I just wanted to share some really exciting news.  As you will know, last month I competed at the very first Taylor's Retreat Cup.  I contacted the amazing Pole2Pole Magazine, and they kindly allowed me to submit an article about my experience as a 'competition virgin'. 

This month's Pole2Pole Magazine features a SIX PAGE SPREAD of my article, with photographs!!!  Amazing!!! 

Please buy a copy!  They are around £3 and you can subscribe or buy a single copy at www.pole2polemagazine.co.uk

If you've read the article, I'd love to know what you think :)

Big smiles
L x




Hey guys!!  Just to let you know we now have a THIRD class running at the Nuffield Health Centre in Aylesbury, which starts TOMORROW NIGHT!!  If you have any friends who might be interested, please let me know - email me lucycropper@aol.com or give me a call 07899 722031.  Remember, first lesson is FREEEEE!!!!!!


Hello ladies!! I know you’ve only just heard from me but I have some important news and dates for your diaries!

As lots of you will know, I have been waffling on about assessment dances for a few weeks. Just to confirm for some of you who have been on holidays or away, here are the dates for the venues that I teach.

Monday classes 25th October

Monday classes 6th September

Sunday 3pm class: 29th August
Wednesday classes: 8th September

7pm class 31st August
8pm class 7th September

You will see that some dates have been moved back a week, just because I’m nice and wanted to give you all a little extra time!

For all other venues, please contact your instructor direct or email me and I will find out your next date for you J


As you know we have an upcoming Bank Holiday. This means that some of our Monday classes will be cancelled as the Health Clubs are rarely open on Bank Holidays, or open with skeleton staff and for reduced hours.

Class at both Bicester and Aylesbury venues will NOT RUN on Monday 30th August. However, Pole Play will be available at both venues on the Sunday. Bicester ladies can attend any time on the Sunday as usual, and at Aylesbury the Nuffield Health Centre have kindly agreed to allow Pole Play between the hours of 12pm and 3pm on Sunday 29th August.
October is competition month!! There are quite a few competitions during October, most important the World Pole Championships in Zurich (October 2nd), the British Isles Pole Championships in Essex (15th October) and the European Pole Championships, again in Essex (16th October). If you’d like more information on these competitions, you can google and get all the details, or check out www.pole2polemagazine.com for details of the two Essex Championships.

I’m hoping that lots of us will be going so perhaps nearer the time we could all be in contact and arrange to convoy down?!

Hope you are all well and practising hard!!
L x


New YOUTUBE channel

Hello all - just a quick post to let you know that we now have a new Youtube channel, in accordance with our re-brand from 'Showgirls' to The Pole Fitness Academy.  You can visit the channel at www.youtube.com/polefitnessacademy.  If any of you have home or practice videos that you'd like to be shwon on the channel, do please let me have them, it would be brilliant to get as many students on the channel as possible! 

Now go and get watching!!!

L x



Hey ladies!!

As some of you may know, this weekend we launch our SEVENTH venue, at the Nuffield Health Centre in Aylesbury - yes, we are taking over the world!!

We are also in the process of re-branding the Pole Fitness classes, as we really want to show our commitment to fitness and wellbeing as opposed to the flashier, more performance side of what we do.  SHOWGIRLS has therefore now become The Pole Fitness Academy (PFA).  We have a new website which is due to launch very soon, so keep your eyes on this spot please!!   We have a lovely new logo which you will see very soon...I know you're all going to love it!!

If you have any questions about the re-launch, or if you'd like to book any friends or family members onto taster sessions for classes in Aylesbury, please get in touch!  You can email me anytime on lucycropper@aol.com or find me on Facebook!

Lucy x