On March 12th I was lucky enough to go to Olympia in London to visit the Move It dance exhibition.  It was a great day out, but my main motivation for attending was to finally meet Stacey and the rest of the team from X-Pole.  Of course it helped that I also got to play on their beautiful X-Stages while I was there, and get some expert (and totally priceless!!) advice from Annie, God bless her :)  My Shoulder Mount is improving no end, and she taught me the start of the Elbow Grip Ayesha which is flipping hard!!  I thought I'd post a few pics (the rest will go on Facebook) for you to see, and I will almost definitely be going next year so, make sure you stay tuned - maybe we can all go together?  ROAD TRIP!!!!!! 

L x

Every girl loves a good shoe.....

Hello my gorgeous girls - I've had quite a few ladies ask me recently about dancing in shoes.  We will often do a 'shoes' lesson, particularly if people are keen, as it's quite a shock the first time you dance in shoes - it really is quite different to dancing barefoot, as the way you move your body weight around on the ball of your foot is totally changed. 

However, if you want to get some shoes for class, or to practice in, I've been buying from a really great ebay store.  The shoes are really good prices, come really beautifully boxed, and have good straps around the ankle (this is really important, particularly for first-time shoe wearers!!).  Please take a look and let me know what you think!!


L xx


Hi ladies. Apologies for not writing for SUCH a long time. As you may be aware, Showgirls has expanded, and we’re now teaching classes at the following venues:

Inspirations, Didcot
The Fitness Company, Bicester
The Ozone, Oxford
Club Energise, Swindon
TwoTone, Witney

We had a Taster Day in Swindon on Saturday 27th and one in Oxford on Sunday 28th, and they were both REALLY busy. Thanks to Bella and Alex Nye for their help – couldn’t do it without you!

Obviously, all these extra classes and venues has meant that our Instructors in Training have really had to up their game, and they’ve been amazing! Bella (Sharon Auckland), Emma Wixey, Cezz Taylor and Iszy Smitham are already teaching regular classes, and next Tuesday Angela Vaughan and Jemma Carman will take their very first class over at Oxford!! Congratulations to all the Instructors in Training, I’m really proud of the effort and commitment you’ve put in so far. Still a way to go though….

Other than the hectic madness of all this wonderful new stuff, I’ve also been trying to sort out new outfits, as I know lots of you are waiting for them. I promise they should be delivered within the next 4 weeks, bar any disasters. Will keep you up to date.

I’ve also been rehearsing hard for my very first competition in July. I’m REALLY nervous, but it’s now or never!! I’ll post a rehearsal video online at some point and ask for your (honest!) feedback.

1st April – be there or be square! We’re taking a couple of poles to the Oak in Didcot, and ALL venues are invited. It would be amazing to see girls from the new venues meet up with the Didcot ladies – it’s all about pole love!! Bring your boyfriends/husbands/families/friends – it’s an open house and will be a great night out. See you then!!

Ta ta for now.
Lucy x