Hello all!!  I've been on a two week annual leave break, just spending some time at home, catching up with friends and trying to get some pole practice in! 

As some of you may know, in September we ran the first workshop of four of Miss Minnie's Introduction to Burlesque Dancing.  We've done two workshops so far, and it is SO much fun...and much, much harder work than any of us expected!  Here are some pictures for those who didn't manage to attend....

Pictures from Workshop One - Walking and Posing

The warm up:

The amazing Miss Minnie....

Workshop Two - Fans and Gloves

Wooohooo!!!  'Naked' ladies!!

So far, the course has been utterly amazing, but much harder work physically than any of us had imagined!! You can see more of Miss Minnie at her website:  http://www.elegantbellydance.co.uk/ and if you'd like to be included in the next set of workshops, do please let me know!!!  Keep checking back to see the next set of photographs from Workshop Three on 1st November. 

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