Ones to watch....

We often talk in class about other pole dancers, and videos that we’ve seen, and demonstrations of new moves. I thought it would be good just to direct you to some of the girls that I watch regularly who I think are really superb – if you get a chance to view them, let me know what you think. Hopefully it will give you lots of inspiration and motivation to practice practice practice!!

Karol – This young lady from the US is an amazing trickster. She shows amazing strength and is always coming up with new moves.

Sarah Cretul is one to watch. She doesn’t appear to have her own channel but you can search YouTube on her name and see lots of the work she’s done.

Alethea Austin – amazing dancer. Very flexible, does amazing floor work.


Felix Cane. The one and only, my absolute idol. This woman is utterly amazing to watch. 2009 World Championships winner, and an ex-stripper, she typifies what we all love about pole dancing – grace, elegance, strength and definitely the wow factor.

Karen Chaundy. We first saw Karen at the British Isles Pole Dancing Championships in Essex. She’s an amazing performance, and worth watching for tips on stage presence and presentation of a dance.

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