Well, the time has come for our last week of lessons for 2009, and I just wanted to wish you all a fantastic Christmas, a wild and wonderful New Year (did I tell you I’m going to Disneyland?? LOL!!) and of course, a 2010 full of new spins, inverts, dance routines and heels!

2009 has seen our Pole Dancing classes expand – both in numbers AND venues. We now teach in Bicester and Didcot, classes in Witney start in the new year, and we have 2 other venues awaiting contract completion. We now have a Facebook Group, a blog (http://inspirationspoledance.blogspot.com), and a newsletter mailing list. We were also joined by many of you last Friday for our very first Christmas pole party!

Hopefully 2010 will see more new venues, more social activities, and definitely more Masterclass workshops – I think these will be really beneficial for all of you, and we’ll try to make sure that, throughout the year, we cater to every level. I’m also hoping to start competing next year so, any of you who feel brave enough to join me….the rehearsing starts asap!!

On a personal note, I’d firstly like to thank Sharon and the team at Inspirations for believing in me. It took a huge leap of faith to take me on full time to develop the pole dancing, and I hope that everyone agrees that it’s been a huge success!

And of course, I want to thank my lovely ladies. From the old (who were here before me!) to the new (who have just joined this fantastic, slightly mad club!!), thank you so much for your commitment, your enthusiasm, your laughs, hugs and new moves. You all help to make my job magic :)

So, here’s wishing you all a really wonderful Christmas, and a New Year that fulfils all your wishes.

See you all in the New Year!!

* Classes resume Monday 4th January 2010

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