Happy (late!) New Year!!!

Well, here we are, we’re already almost 3 weeks into the New Year, and things are finally getting back to normal. I don’t know about you, but I’m well over the snow!

Because of the weather conditions, lots of classes were cancelled early in the year, so for lots of you, last week was your first ‘proper’ week back. I don’t know about you guys, but the first few practice sessions I had after Christmas made me think I was going to have to give up the pole dancing and try crochet or knitting! Or that perhaps I had left my biceps in Disneyland!!! Don’t worry, I can assure you that your strength and technique will come flying back after just a few sessions, and then we can all really get our teeth into new moves, dance routines and polishing up what we already know.

As most of you will know, I very sadly had to postpone the Karen Chaundy workshop that was planned for 30th January. I totally appreciate that people just didn’t have the cash so soon after Christmas, so we’re going to set a new date in May – so get saving!!! It really would be good if as many of you as possible could get booked on, and by May, even the new starters will be able to take part confidently.

We’ve also put together new warm up and cool down routines, WITH NEW MUSIC!! I, for one, was getting a little weary of the warm up music LOL! Some of you have already had a go at these, and the general feedback has been really good.

For those of you who have ordered clothing, I am hoping to get this sorted during the following week or so, and will be collecting payment over the next fortnight. If you have ordered clothing, please can you bring cash for me either this week or next week, then I can get things ordered asap. If you are thinking of ordering a pole, please let me know asap too, as we are placing a pole order in the next couple of weeks.

Keep checking in on the blog, I will be trying to update it regularly now that we’re all ‘back to normal’!

Lucy x

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