Taylor's Retreat Cup 2010

The day finally arrived for my very FIRST competition on 10th July 2010.  The Taylor's Retreat Cup is in its first year, and I am in my first competing year, so I thought it was the perfect place to start!  I've been to Taylor's Retreat previously for an amazing workshop with Alesia Vazmitsel so it was nice to at least be familiar with my surroundings, if nothing else!

The whole day was absolutely incredible, and I was so pleased with my performance.  I placed 7th out of 10 which isn't amazing but, I didn't slip, fall or forget and those were my main worries!  I'm really happy, and am now practising for my next entry at the end of October in the Miss Pole Dance/Fitness UK Semi Pro category.  I may even have managed to persuade some students to compete!!

I am also lucky enough to be having an article published in Pole2Pole magazine's August edition, so you can get full details and photographs of my day out there!  Subscribe or buy a single issue at http://www.pole2polemagazine.co.uk/.

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