Hi ladies - I know it's taken me a little longer than I wanted, but the CIARA dance routine (mostly used for Level 1 assessment dances) is now online.

It's not fantastic quality but I'm hoping it's enough to be helpful. I've talked you through each part of the beginning of the dance as I do in class, and then the rest of the dance is yours to complete. If you feel more comfortable, you can always repeat the moves I have given you again (if you're not feeling confident about choreographing for yourself) - or you can work in pairs or teams to make up dances.

As always, if there's any feedback at all you know it's more than welcome. I will try to record a better quality version at some point for you.

If you are one of the ladies working on the RIHANNA routine, Jemma and Angela will be posting a version of this online asap - hopefully this evening or tomorrow, so keep checking back.

The videos are available on my Facebook page (search 'Lucy Cropper PoleFitnessAcademy') or at our YouTube channel - www.youtube.com/polefitnessacademy.

Happy dancing!!

L x

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