A not so good Scorpio

So, my training is going brilliantly. I love love love teaching, and the team at Dance Inspires already feels like my second family. Training nights are really hard work and a real commitment, but it’s a total de-stress for me, physically and mentally.

My back is starting to improve so I participated in the whole class last night. We went through all the beginner moves, breaking them down, and learning teaching techniques. Then, 5 minutes before the end we had a lightning speed play. I am working on the Scorpio which, as you’ll see, is good-ish but not quite there yet! I have to have that one nailed by the time the Pole-a-thon is here…that one and many others!!!

And here's my lovely Tori doing a VERY impressive Dolphin! You go girl!

Talking of the Pole-a-thon, plans seem to be coming along nicely…Thirst Lodge are brilliantly being the venue, which we’re so excited about as it’s so classy and sophisticated and has a GREAT vibe, and there are lots of other things in the works that I really hope will come through. It’s going to be a brilliant day. Remember you can donate money at www.justgiving.com/danceinspires - it’s all for Against Breast Cancer which is a local charity, so really, a tiny £5 wouldn’t hurt would it, and we would be SO grateful!!! Thank you :)

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