Week 6 update

I can't believe how time flies! Seems like it's been way too long since I've updated!
Last Thursday's lesson was amazing. It was my first lesson teaching totally unsupervised, and I enjoyed it so much. My girls did their first proper 'dance', and they were all totally awesome. They were brave, confident, sexy, and really managed to put together moves and dancing - and they ALL lasted 3 minutes! When I first started dancing I could barely get through half a song without being totally and utterly exhausted!

Sunday's lesson was brilliant, I practised my Backdrop with Tori's help. Then my Pole2Pole magazine arrived yesterday, so I have been reading up and deciding if I can warrant a trip to Jamaica next year for the World Pole Championships... :)

Training tonight, and once again we are struggling with venue issues. I think it's high time one of us married someone really rich so we could finance our own studio!!

Pole-a-thon Update: So far we have had £245 pledged via the website (www.justgiving.com/danceinspires) and I will be harassing family and friends with a paper sponsor form asap LOL!

Until next time.....happy dancing ladies!!!

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